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  Welcome to the Freestone County Sheriff’s Office webpage.  It is our hope that you will find this site informative, interesting and useful. Weekly it will contain the most current copy of the Sheriff’s Report, an upcoming calendar of events, as well as other pertinent data that may be of use to our citizens.

  Freestone County is a rural area, 888 square miles in size, approximately 100 miles south of Dallas, 150 miles north of Houston and 60 miles east of Waco.  Freestone County is, to a large degree, still an agricultural county, heavy on pastureland.  Local industry consists mainly of a very rich natural gas fields, two power plants, as well as a railroad terminal in Teague.  We boast approximately 17,800 friendly citizens.

  Freestone County has been in existence since 1850, has a rich and colorful history, with one foot in the past, and the other stepping into the 21st Century

Freestone County Sheriff’s Office exists to serve the needs of the citizens of Freestone County.  From loose cattle reports to stolen money, major investigations to missing children, the members of our Sheriff’s Office give faithful, dedicated service to our citizens.






      Ralph Billings